yeppie!!! or no yeppie? :P I'm a lil'bit of both. Shawna will be in her final year of high school, she is determined to graduate and move on to college but not move out of the house lol Mya is starting grade 9 and I'm totally excited for her! :D My Sonshine will be starting grade 6 and I'm anxious for that guy. Gosh. My children have grown and are continuing to grow...I get sad cause I miss my small babies but the pride I feel when I look at them today is overwhelming.


The importance of education was instilled in us by my parents. My Father sacraficed time away from family and friends to get educated. His Father told him to go out and get educated because that was the way of the furture and the only way he could support his family. My Mother supported him by going with him and sacraficing time away from her family and support systems. She stayed "at home" to raise my two older siblings while my Dad went to school in the big city. They took Big sacrafices and it came with a big pay off. My Father was able to work just about anywhere due to his teaching degree and my Mother was able to stay home and breast feed me LOL!! Thanks Mom! :P LOL but no seriously my Mother had the stability and security to be able to work part time but also raise us brats lol Thanks Mom!

The history with modern education and first nations people hasn't been that great...I mean look at residential school then when schools were available in the communities, it was the teachers/principals that didn't allow parents to come INTO the schools to see their children or give updates on their kids. Story has changed for today now. Parents are more than welcome to come and drop in on their children and check out what they're working on. I've always done this with my children. I would also volunteer on any class activities or fundraisers and make my presence known at my child's classroom/school. Some teachers were not used to such involvement and some took it in a good way and some were bothered by it. I made it known that I had expectations from them. I wanted them to be able to teach my child.

There's two sides to your child learning in school. Yes there's the teacher who is there on a daily basis to teach your child but there's also your parental responsibilities. You are responsible for disciplining your child at home.

You are responsible for teaching your child how to respect others and other people's property.

You are responsible for setting rules and enforcing them.

You are responsible for making sure they go to bed a decent hour so they can get the rest they need to learn the next day.  

You are responsible to make sure that they don't go to school hungry. You are also responsible that they are wearing clean clothes.

You are also responsible in teaching them how to take care of themselves ie take showers, brush their teeth, brush their hair, change their socks and underwear on a daily basis etc.

That's just brushing on the basics of parental responsibilities. On top of doing that I also make sure that my children take responsibility for their own behaviours and the way they carry themselves while I'm not around. Some times I marvel at my little humans...oh how they turned out so much better than me in so many ways. 

If you go to any of my children's schools and ask about me then you'll get a response.  I make sure the admin staff know who I am...(in a good way) lol I usually let the teachers know that I am there to support them in teaching my children.  First thing I ask is "What can I do at or from home to help my child learn in your class"  I also check in with my kids on a daily basis.  What did they learn in class that day? usually that one question will lead to any issues they may be having in class but usually it's positive feedback.  

So be active and supportive in your child's class.  Being a positive influence is much better than being a nagging and complaining bitch. get more pleasurable results lol 

Neways hope your children have a safe and positive school year!

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